I have been taking my wife to Le’s for several years now. She won’t hear of going anywhere else! She has been other places but, always returns to Le’s…yes their quaility of work is that good! As for costumer service, everyone has good days and bad days too. They are human like the rest of us. I personally would rather go to a salon where her nails “Look that good!!!” and she recieves endless complements.Rather than a place that talks to her and makes her feel good while in the salon but when we walk out, she looks as ordanary as everyone else.(JS) With Le’s she ALWAYS regardless of costumer service looks extraordinary!

Jason H.

I loved this salon. They were open at 9am which is a big deal for an early bird like me. The location was easy to find and the building is very spacious. There was no wait time as several workers were available and numerous chairs for pedicure and manicures. The staff was very friendly but professional. Compliments drinks are available, free of charge. I would recommend this place to anyone. I will definitely be back on my next vacation.

Sandrica F.

“I love this place” I’ve been coming here for awhile and I have very sensitive feet. The customer service is awesome, feels like home! They not only remember my name but also each person communicates with the other which helped, I didn’t have to explain about my sensitive feet over and over! Thank goodness I finally found some place that actually cares! I refuse to go anywhere else!!!

Corrie M.

Went here for a bridal party for 7 and they were very accommodating! They allowed us to have a bar full of food and drinks. It was very timely and the staff was very nice to all of us. They spoke great English which is also a big bonus for a lot of people. They have a nail bar that looks like an actual bar, blue lights on the ceiling, and brand new pedicure chairs as of about two weeks ago. Overall, it was a great experience! Would recommend!

Kaela R.

Walked in the door Sunday at 4pm and was greeted by the friendly staff. I didn’t have an appointment and being from Cincinnati it was my first time there. I hadn’t had a pedicure in forever or a manicure and didn’t have time to get one before I came down here. I love how they cleaned up my dry feet! Vicki was excellent and put the cutest white flowers on each big toe. The other gentleman did my nails and also did an awesome job! Thank you so much! I highly recommend them!! My nails and toes look 100% better! Yay!!!

Deeg W.

I’ve lived in Panama City Beach for 2.5 years and this is the best nail salon I’ve been to. The couple that owns the place are the best technicians in the building, in my opinion (of course they care the most about their work because they own it). I have never tanned or had permanent makeup, lashes, or waxing done, but I always see people coming in and out for those services as well. The place is very nice and clean, with brand new chairs and really nice nail stations. They always ask you how you’re doing and offer you a drink when you sit down. They’ve never been shorthanded when I’ve gone, so I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes. I don’t typically like to get my nails done other places because It takes too much of my time; but at this place they have big flat screens all over and play movies, so you get caught up in the movie and the time passes by quickly. They also have a couple of cute little pedicure chairs for kids, one of them is a giant hello kitty I think and I’m not sure what the other is.
I won’t go to any other nail salon in town, Le’s has great service. They’re really nice too.

Perfectionist Mom M.

I have lived in PCB for 9 months. Because I work in retail management and I am on my feet all day, it is a necessity that I get pedicures. I have tried many places since moving here. The techs barely spoke to me and the pedicures were average at best. Today I tried this place and WOW! I am so impressed with the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness and beauty, and the amazing quality of the pedicure! They offered me wine, mimosa, water…anything I wanted. It is the best manicure and pedicure I have ever had and the price was the same as other places. I have found my new place for my bi-weekly mani/pedis. Thank you!!!!

Karen B.

Go HERE! Not related to the horrible Lee’s at Pier Park North (I will do a separate review of the experience at Lee’s to warn consumers). Family owned. All speak English! Jasmine did PERFECT pink and white solar nails. Frank did wonderful pedicure. Clean, really nice place with a nail bar, separate area with 4 children’s chairs (cute). Spa chairs were really nice. PRICING is posted and fair (different from the bait and switch tactics of the Lee’s Nails at PP North.) Refreshment kindly offered. I am the pickiest nail client and I was so, so happy!!! I am new to Panama City Beach and I will support this place 100%!

Ann B.

Love this place! They are very personable and really want to help the customer. I go for pedicures and love that they use liners in the foot baths between each customer – super sanitary! It’s a great place to go if your visiting or a local. Free beverage with any service and super relaxing with great convo or fun movies. The massages during the pedi or wonderful! Cost is great and will not break the budget. Make sure NOT to confuse this with Le Nail’s in Pier Park North. It’s Le LUXURY Nails. Stick with the original (they’ve been in PCB for 7+ years)

Rebecca B.