Natural Looking Acrylic Nails

Natural looking acrylic nails are our expertise. We specialize in pink and white acrylic. They are durable and very elegant for all occasions. If you have short nails or bitten nails, acrylic are great quick fixes.

Natural Tips Full Set

Full set with natural tips $25
Refill $16

French Full Set

French or white tips full set $30
Refill $22

French with Pink Powder

French with Pink powder $35
Refill $22

French with Pink & Silver

French with Pink and Silver $40
Refill $25


Overlays $25
Refill $16

Gel Nails

Gel Full Set $36
Refill $26

Pink & White Full Set

Pink and White full set $45
Refill both white and pink $35
Pink only refill $22

Additional Services

Gel Top Coat $5
Cut Down $3
Soak Off $10

NOTICE: There will be extra charge for all long nails, coffin, ombres, and stiletto.